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Brenn Watts, Afpersing bitcoin

Gemelde gegevens (Afpersing bitcoin)

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Soort melding:
Afpersing bitcoin
Gebruikte methode:
Brenn Watts
€ 2000

Omschrijving van de melding:

Deze mail ontving ik:
'hadzin123' is your passphrase:) I am Brenn.
I recorded your cam which shows your nasty sexual doings & clip you viewed on the porn video because that site had my virus running. You really are looking exciting in the tape.
Your mail and Facebook contacts were at that time sent to me by my malware.
I will send your recording to your friends unless you send me $2000 via B I T C O I N S in the next 36 hours to the below address:
B I T C O I N Address: 1567M3s6Kg5yhEjj44rfRatYfrxp65rdF1
Make sure to Copy & Paste address because it is case sensitive.

Once I receive the money, I will destroy your video and every other information I have about you. If I don't get the money, I will email your recording to every contact of yours. Just consider concerning the shame you can get. and likewise if you happen to be in an intimate relationship, just how it will eventually affect?

If you want proof? Reply "Yes", & I will email your video to 9 of your contactsinstantly.

Warmest regards - Brenn

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