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#N0RT0N, Oplichting en phishing

Gemelde gegevens (Oplichting en phishing)

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Oplichting en phishing
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€ 299,99

Omschrijving van de melding:

Dear ...........

We graciously thank you for ensuring that the payment reaches us positively. This is confirmation mail that is being sent to you for purchasing and using the #N0RT0N Advanced Threat Protection for protecting your device.

Also, we have noticed that you have completed one year with us and we want to congratulate you on that but we could not get through to you due to connection errors.

Amount Due: 299.99 USD

Paid By: 04/19/2021

Description Amount

#N0RT0N Advanced Threat Protection

FireWall & Network Protection £ 399.99

Total £ 399.99

The time duration for asking for a refund without any extra charges is 4 hours. The contact number for the support team is Team @ +1 (833)699 -0203 (Toll-Free)

Please return to "Order Summary" section, to check the order status.

The Billing Team

+1 (833)699 -0203

Please do not reply to this email as it’s an auto-generated email. Our user can reach our 24/7 Customer Support

@ +1 (833)699 -0203© 2012-2020, #N0RT0N, Inc., and its affiliate

#N0RT0N Protection in the USA, provided by #N0RT0N Payments Private Limited.

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