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Gholami, Bijna fraude

Gemelde gegevens (Bijna fraude)

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Soort melding:
Bijna fraude
Gebruikte methode:
Bank transfer

Omschrijving van de melding:

Dear sir or madam,
With highest respect, I have been advertised to sale my child space scooter via marketplace in Facebook. Some one has contact me as buyer insisted and compelled me to pay total amount as mentioned in attached pdf file here for first time that I didn't know about any regulations, I believed her to fallow and till now I didn't see no any result such as selling my item or any returning of my own money back .I have been requested that I am not familiar with this way of payment but anyhow still I cant believe what I have done by myself. As proofment our all conversations are available in message box of Facebook and in case of need I can submit. we as family are living in not good financial situation ( Jobless situation). Believe us and I can proof by sending you statement of my bank account to see only total remaining of my deposit is only 14 Euros. I contacted ING bank brunch in place of living(Almere) for refunding but I faced with negative reaction. I talked with police, unfortunately again I received disappointed response. Now this is my last chance to talk with you and see may there is some chances to take it back. I desperately need it and requesting you in case of possibility positively response to us. I really appreciating you and looking forward to hearing you.
M. Gholami

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