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Judith, Fraude whats app

Gemelde gegevens (Fraude whats app)

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Soort melding:
Fraude whats app
Gebruikte methode:
Advertentie op Marktplaats via whatsapp r overschrijving

Omschrijving van de melding:

This "Lady" Judith, reacted on my Marktplaats offers saying she wanted to buy the loopfiets I was selling. She asked to send on her whats app number my address so she could send someone to pick it up one of the next days. She reacted with a link of a pick-up and delivery company saying that these people were going to come and that they would have needed a proof of payment. I sent her a tikkie which she did not pay. She wanted to know my bank account and the name of the bank to transfer the money instead.
The day after she contacted me saying she wanted a proof of payment and sent me a link to pay her 0.01 Eur to check that my bank account was indeed the one she was supposed to pay on.
Stupidly I proceeded to pay it and when I finished I immediately got a message from my bank telling me that I had just coupled a new device (tablet or phone) to my account and that if it was not me to call the bank immediately. This looked strange and I tried immediately to log in my bank app on the phone. I could not. It seemed like my password was not working.
I registered again my phone with my debit card and identified and called the bank. The bank told me it was a scam and to delete immediately all the devices registered into the app (they told me where to find them) and to change again the password. They told me to act fast and do it while we were speaking on the phone.
The "lady" on whats app was in the meantime asking if I had finished so she could check and proceed to pay me for the loopfiets. She told me she would send me a new link (probably because she could not access my account).
I ignored her until I was sure I had cleaned everything and my bank account and app were safe.
Then I sent her a message telling I had found out she was a fraud and I would have reported her to the police.
I then blocked her on whats app and on the phone and reported her to Marktplaats who closed/blocked her account.
I was very lucky to act fast so no money was stolen from my account.
I have now found out that a similar report was made in August 2020 where someone with the same name (Judith) and phone number (0623424635) was indicated as fraud. Be careful she will probably try again with someone else especially expats.

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