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Geld voor een treinkaartje of diabetische medicijnen

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Swindler operates in our district between Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and Bullewijk metro station (Amsterdam-Zuidoost). Today he have asked money, because he allegedly forgot his phone, travel tickets and diabetic drugs etc while traveling. On top of that my two colleagues told me that he also tried to cheat them a week ago. He looks like Ukrainian because of Ukrainian accent. He could speak a little bit in English and in Russian. He was about 185 - 190 cm height, tanned face, skinny body, baseball cap, backpack. I've met him today at 8:45 near Hullenbergweg 385. When I politely denied his request, he started swearing at me quite aggressively.

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24-07-2018 - Tiago
I also had the same experience, probably it was the same person. It was around 18h on 19th July at the Bullewijk metro stop, north entrance. I have to add that he was blond with a huge alcohol breath. We was complaining about the people that no one could borrow him their phones so that he could make a call to a friend to bring him some medicine for his diabetes condition, all because he had no money and lost his phone.

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