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Brogdon Mirchandani, Afpersing, oplichting

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Afpersing, oplichting
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Brogdon Mirchandani

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Hopefully you will not mind my english language sentence structure, since im from Germany. I infected your device with a virus and now have all of your personal files out of your operating-system.

It was established on a mature site after which you've selected the movie and it, my software immediately got into your system.

Next, your front-cam started to record you hand partying, on top of that i documented a movie that you've looked at.

Immediately after a short while it also picked up all your device contacts. In case u want me to wipe out your all that i have got - transmit me 710 eu in btc its a cryptocurrency. Its my wallet address : 1PG25EWUdng6c71dYAWceRPKAeTHBUVdGX

At this point you have 24 hr s. to make up your mind The minute i will receive the transfer i'll eliminate this evidence and every little thing thoroughly. Or else, you should remember that your evidence would be forwarded to your buddies.

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