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NL13RABO0155242598, Oplichting

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Gebruikte methode:
Bank transfer
Rekeningnummer / IBAN:
NL13 RABO 0155 2425 98
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro
€ 250
Bank transfer

Omschrijving van de melding:

I bought a phone (Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro) via. Marktplaats from the seller "oes". The amount of 250 EUR (which is a good but not an unrealistic price) I transfered to his account (Phone pictures were not published elsewhere before, the phone type itself is rather an indicator for a trustworthy seller as most oplichters focus on known brands and most important: the account is "Meer dan 13 jaar actief op Marktplaats") - this is why I had no doubts: Bank Account: NL13RABO0155242598 Name: J. Marie - marktplaats.nl - marktplaats.nl /a/telecommunicatie/mobiele-telefoons-overige-merken/m1479654625-xiaomi-mi-9t- pro.html?c=9b26ed2a557deff636f4f8b9c5b7a618 After the bank transaction happened (bunq - RABO Bank), he assured to send it to my address. However there was no communication ever since and he is not answering. However I used a Marktplaats account by a friend to contact him. Within minutes the message was read and he answered and reacted to my bid. Currently I am trying to find out his address in "Reuver". However the fact that this person is communicating with the second account while not following up on the closed deal is a clear indicator I just sent money to a scammer.

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