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NL10ABNA9262748076, Fraude marktplaats

Gemelde gegevens (Fraude marktplaats)

Gepleegd door:
Soort melding:
Fraude marktplaats
Gebruikte methode:
Rekeningnummer / IBAN:
NL10 ABNA 9262 7480 76
€ 375

Omschrijving van de melding:

On 13 August 2019 I advertised the sale of my gold colour Iphone 6 on Marktplaats. Immediately after my advertisement was placed, I received a phone call from the number 0644726395. A man was interested to buy the phone and said his son would come to my place to see it. 20 min later his alleged son- a young Moroccan or Turkish looking guy, around 20 y.o.- arrived to my place, looked at the phone, called his father to say that it is fine and his father said, that he will transfer money to my account now and send the screenshot with confirmation. 5 min later I received on my phone screenshot of the money transfer from the account in ABN AMRO NL10ABNA9262748076, account holder name P.Siv to my account and gave the phone to his son. Few days later I noticed that the money has not arrived to my account. I called my bank but there was never any bank transfer. I tried to call 2 phone numbers of the buyer ( both Lebara)- 06 44726395 and 06 44540862 phones are permanently switched off. After reporting the case to the police, I was told that the account number NL10ABNA9262748076 is fake. Please, if anyone who had experienced the same, let me know.

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Reacties (2)

22-08-2019 - Leforia
Hey Lena, something very similar to this happened to me yesterday. I have attached a photo of the ID of the "son" who came to buy my phones, is it possible for you to confirm if this is the same person you met with?

I received a call from a man wanting to buy the phones for his daughter and he had sent his son to meet with us. I am very careful so I decided to ask for his ID before doing anything and also told him he must open and use his ABN app in front of me so I wasn't just sent a fake screenshot. He used the original ABN app and I confirmed the name on the ID was same as in bank account. I also saw him enter my IBAN and saw it on the final confirmation page. I also saw his balance drop from the amount he had to the amount minus the deal amount 1750€.

Their numbers are different and they are still active but no one responds. I find it weird the numbers are not on whatsapp and they are also lebara numbers cause of the voicemail message. (Bijlage)
22-08-2019 - Lena
Hi Leforia,

The man who called me also wanted a phone for "his daughter". So did you receive the money or not? It's not clear from your message above.

The man on the picture does not look like the one that came, mine looked more like Turkish/Moroccan, but there can be a group of them.

Can we call to discuss the details? My number is 06 39891213.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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