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[email protected], Chantage, bitcoin, afpersing

Gemelde gegevens (Chantage, bitcoin, afpersing)

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Soort melding:
Chantage, bitcoin, afpersing
Gebruikte methode:
dewitt seevers
€ 1,350

Omschrijving van de melding:

Afzender meldt een darkwebsite te beheren en opdracht te hebben gekregen om mij een zuur in het gezicht te gooien. Ik kan dat afkopen door 1.350 dollar in bitcoins over te maken.

Bijgaand de mail:
Dewitt Seevers
Ma 12-8-2019 16:05

I host a site in the darkweb,I perform all sorts of services - above all it is destruction to property and harm.

In the main,all but the shooting.Often this happens because of unrequited love or competition at work.

This week she talked me and set me the order of pour out acid in your visage. Standard order - fast, hurts, for life. Without too much fuss. I get receive only after doing the work. Thus, now I suggest you pay me to be inactive, I offer this to nearly all the victims.

If I do not receive money from you, then my person will fulfill the missionIf you send me money, in addition to my inaction,I will provide you the info that I have about the client. After completing the task, I often waist the performer,so I have a choice,to get $1350 from you for information about the customer and my inaction,or to receive $ 4000 from the customer, but with a big probability of losing the performer.

I’m getting transfers in bitcoins, its my Bitcoin address - 1GosQcm2E5jCXtFENkKza1F8HmzokgHswm

The amount I told above.
One day to decide and pay.

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